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Big Sleeper. (Big Splyush)

There are little Sleepers and big Sleepers.
Such Sleepers love to sleep longer and sweeter than other bears.
If you came from work and lie down to have a nap,
Big Sleeper will immediately make himself comfortable at your side and start purring sweetly.
Sleepers are known for exceptionally calm and peaceful character.
However they can grumble, if they are woken up at a wrong time.
But the grumble will be short and quiet, while falling asleep again.

He was born on 15 September 2007.
Size is 23 cm, German mohair, suede, glass eyes, and fiberfill.
The exclusive model.
Private collection.

Big Sleeper. (Big Splyush)
Big Sleeper. (Big Splyush)
Big Sleeper. (Big Splyush)