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Young Forester

This Forester is quite young! He is full of dreams and plans for the future as everybody young.
He dreams about planting a heap of young trees in his world, that he will tend and guard them, that they will grow into high powerful trees.
He dreams that different animals will be sporting amid the trees,
and birds will be settling and hatching little squeakers.
And yet he dreams about love…! Because of such dreams he has blossom of leaves on his nose.

He was born on 22 November 2007.
Size is 33 cm, German mohair, suede, glass eyes, and fiberfill.
The exclusive model.
Awarded the title “The best fantasy bear of mohair” at the exhibition “Teddimania 2007”.
Private collection.

Young Forester
Young Forester
Young Forester
Young Forester